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 an EightRock Media production
in association with NEATFREAK APPAREL, INC.

"MANAGING MY OCD" is a 10 part docu-series providing information and education, while exploring the personal, clinical and medical sides of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Hosted by Roxann Monet - director/producer, entertainment veteran, and OCD sufferer of more than 40 years, MANAGING MY OCD focuses on the lives of 10 individuals who suffer with this multi-faceted, highly-complexed and confusing disorder; confusing not only to the sufferer but to the public at large.

~Is it a disorder? An illness? Or a disease? 

And why does it seem to come with so much shame, criticism, judgement and ridicule?

Clinical Psychologist, Natalie Epstein, PhD explores these questions along with the causes and effects OCD has on the individuals daily lives. She also addresses the affects and stressors this obscure illness has on friends and family members. Using psychotherapeutic techniques Dr. Epstein explores various childhood experiences and related traumas that bring about OCD and the associated adult difficulties. While quasi-therapeutic in approach, interviews with individuals are conversational based, not therapy-oriented.  Conversations address coping mechanisms, techniques, and treatment.


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Debunking Myths and Common Misconceptions of OCD

OCD is a serious psychiatric condition that is frequently misunderstood by society. If you have not sought professional medical treatment, and you think you may be suffering from the OCDs, you can download the OCD Symptoms Checklist and OCD Symptoms Calculator to give you a clearer understanding of this debilitating disorder.

Please visit our Resource Center page for more information.

Yale Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale Symptom Checklist and Calculator

Symptoms Checklist

Symptoms Calculator

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