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"We may not have been blessed with a socially acceptable condition,

but we bless the world in a very special way."

- Roxy Monet, Founder and COO (Chief Obsessive Officer)

-------------------- THE MISSION --------------------

The Full Story

"...because it's personal" 

(and we know Your Story is too)

As founder & creator of NEATFREAK APPAREL, INC ® (a non-profit corporation), I've suffered with a severe case of OCD  for more than 40 years.  As a child and young adult I was made fun of, called names, criticized and judged for my strange tendencies that other individuals didn’t seem to have, or exhibit like myself.  Growing up with a [medical] condition that nobody ever talked about, or knew little of, I was excessively teased and ridiculed for my obsessive-compulsive behaviors. 

I eventually became so ashamed by what people would say, or how they would treat me, I began hiding who I really was and only able to find comfort behind closed doors, essentially living “in the closet."  I became so concerned with the labels society, friends and even family would put on me, that I rebelled against any acceptance of what I was suffering from; hindering me from help or treatment.  Teaching myself to harness the energies of my condition at a very young age, in turn created me to become an over-achiever and super-succeeder that very few could understand, let alone know what to do with, or how to satisfy.  By my early 20's, not only was I completely Obsessed with Perfection, Organization, Knowledge, Education, Cleanliness, Fears, and Chronic Phobias, but I was struggling with a very serious condition that medically I knew nothing about; finding myself alone and unequipped to navigate the confusion on my own, for almost 4 decades.

-------------------- THE REALIZATION --------------------

I’ve spent years extensively studying and researching the complexities of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Bi Polar Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression, educating myself by working with a variety of medical professionals and organizations. Thanks to these professionals, I’ve learned how to accept “the label” I live in, wear it proudly and no longer live in shame. I’ve learned that some of the greatest minds have OCD, and have gone down in the history books not just a legend, but as a GENIUS. I personally know the struggle and how difficult it is to be considered "weird," but sometimes we have to flip the script on life and turn our disabilities into our greatest ABILITIES! I believe it’s important to encourage sufferers, and create forums to talk about the circumstances (and the people) who have made you what you are.  We’ve learned that the world benefits greatly from those with OCD, and those with OCD have some amazing characteristics that actually make the world a better place for others.

-------------------- OUR GOAL --------------------

 Obsessions can be unhealthy & destructive, but when the energy is focused towards Creation and Innovation, the "side-effects" can be healthy and rewarding!  Our goal      with NEATFREAK APPAREL® and OCD~"LABEL OF LOVE" APPAREL® is that others who live with this very serious condition (disorder, illness or disease) and have found it difficult to cope at times, would find comfort that they’re not alone.  I've personally learned that knowledge genuinely is power, and information combined with education  is key to any kind of recovery.  Our hope is that OCD sufferers will know that it’s okay to step out, wear a "Label of Love" with pride, be a positive change within the world, and find the strength to say, “This is who I AM and I am not ashamed.”  Whether it's the 1st or the 100th step anyone takes in recovery, our greatest hope is that NEATFREAK APPAREL, and OCD~"LABEL OF LOVE" APPAREL will be one of those steps that will help make it a little easier... and a step closer to personal success!

-------------------- THE VISION --------------------


All proceeds benefit the awareness and development of educational platforms for mental health. To support or make a valuable contribution to the ongoing mission of NeatFreak Apparel & OCD "Label of Love" Apparel:

* Make a Donation to further our mission
* Purchase custom-made products from our Online Store

Thank You for your Contribution!

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